New Membership Dues Structure – Effective 10/01/2018


Starting January 01, 2019, TEXSAR implemented its new membership dues structure. The first year dues are $100 and include many required items that members used to have to purchase out of pocket within their first year. Thanks to effective fundraising, we have also been able to lower the annual renewal rate to $50, which covers team liability insurance and organizational administrative expenses.

Below is the member membership package a first-year TEXSAR member will receive for their initial $100:

  • Membership Dues
  • Basic Equipment
    • 50’ Paracord
    • 20’ Webbing
    • (1) 10’ Accessory Cord
    • (1) Roll Pink Flagging Tape
    • (1) Roll Orange Flagging Tape
    • (4) 3 mil. Contractor Bags
    • (4) Chem lights
    • TEXSAR Hat
    • TEXSAR Cup
    • TEXSAR Bumper Sticker
    • TEXSAR 4″ Round Sticker

There is also a Lifetime Membership option for those wishing to forgo paying dues annually. For new members, the one-time Lifetime Membership dues will be $775 and will include all of the items in the membership package listed above. Lifetime Membership dues for existing members will now be $750.

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