About Texsar

Our Team

TEXSAR: Texas Search and Rescue has been a significant leader in disaster response and recovery in the great state of Texas for more than a decade. TEXSAR serves all citizens of Texas and deploys at the request of local and state law enforcement, fire service and emergency management agencies, the Office of the Governor, and relief organizations. During 2016, TEXSAR responded to call-outs 48 times. Our member-volunteers helped look for missing persons, aided in body recovery searches, participated in cold cases, acted as a force multiplier to other agencies during peak events, and continue to search for two missing children from the Memorial Day 2015 flooding on the Blanco River. We were instrumental in aiding the National Transportation Safety Board with evidence collection and photo documentation during the Caldwell County Hot Air Balloon disaster.


Where and How We Deploy

TEXSAR has teams in Central Texas, Houston/Galveston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and the Coastal Bend.  The team deploys at the request of the Governor of Texas; state, local and federal agencies; local law enforcement; and relief organizations (e.g., American Red Cross). When deployed, the organization operates strictly using the Incident Command System (ICS). If deployed by local law enforcement we act as a function of that department and answer directly to them. However, we do not perform actual criminal law enforcement duties, we can act as needed in a support role for the department.

Training and Operational Readiness

TEXSAR prides itself as being in a constant state of readiness.  All TEXSAR member-volunteers are certified according to State and Federal standards, and the organization operates solely under the Emergency Management System and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). TEXSAR member-volunteers must complete Incident Command Systems training and search discipline specific classroom and field training before they may deploy.  Team Leads have extensive field experience and must complete advanced training that goes above and beyond the standard qualifications required to deploy.