A No-Cost Resource For Agencies

The TEXSAR K9 team brings over 100 years of K9 training and experience. We always partner with law enforcement agencies and support their search and rescue and recovery missions. Handlers and K9’s are nationally certified for field operations, and the team conducts local, regional, and state K9 SAR trainings weekly throughout the state.

  • Live Find: Area & Trailing  (Wilderness & Urban)
  • Human Remains Detection (HRD): Land & Water

Activation Guidelines (for Officials & Agency Use Only)

TEXSAR Activation Line: 512-994-4SAR (4727)

  • Live Missing Persons
    • When possible make the call to TEXSAR within 3 hours from missing person report
    • Identify resources needed (Initiates resources to begin travelling)
    • Establish a search plan to review onsite
    • Obtain maps of area and determine what (if anything) has previously been searched
    • Minimize personnel traffic and avoid establishing an ICP near the Last Known Point
    • Get proper approval for trailing handlers to collect scent articles
    • Begin collecting information about the lost individual (i.e. lost person questionnaire)
  • Cold Cases & Human Remains
    • Contact TEXSAR to determine availability to schedule a search (preferably weekends)
    • Provide as much detail regarding location, age of case, environment, which can help establish needed resources and search plan.
    • Obtain maps of area to determine types of resources required (land, water)
    • Determine what (if anything) has previously been done and when


Can I donate my dog?

Unfortunately TEXSAR does not accept donated dogs at this time. 

Where does TEXSAR get their K9’s?

Some are rescues and some a chosen from breeders that breed for working dogs. What is most important is that the K9 have the correct temperament and drives to succeed at this work. We encourage interested people to visit with the K9 team before you choose a dog.

At what age can a dog begin training?

K9 handlers typically start with puppies as young as 10 weeks up to 1.5 years old.

Can TEXSAR search for my missing pet?

Unfortunately TEXSAR does not look for missing pets.

How do I join the TEXSAR K9 team?

You must join TEXSAR and be a member for a minimum of 6 months.  During this time you are encouraged to attend K9 trainings to start your handler training. K9 handlers must pass national standard certifications and meet TEXSAR membership requirements. Handlers must have their own K9. All K9’s are trained and owned by their K9 handler. Each K9 handler uses their own time and resources to train their K9. 
For additional K9 information contact:
Ruth Buchanan  

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