Missing Persons in Texas


TEXSAR – Missing Persons

TEXSAR aids local authorities in the search for lost or missing persons. If you need to report a lost or missing person, please contact 9-1-1. Your local Sheriff’s Department is a great resource when someone goes missing. For a list of all Texas County Sheriff’s Departments, click here. There is NO 24-hour waiting period to report a missing person.

Nearly 50,000 people were reported missing in the state of Texas in 2020, and each year that number continues to climb. TEXSAR is committed to serving local authorities in the search for the missing. 

How to Request TEXSAR

TEXSAR does not self deploy. TEXSAR must receive a call from a local agency/authority in order to deploy our resources. 

  1. Call the TEXSAR activation line: 512-994-4SAR

The TEXSAR activation line is monitored 24/7.

  1. TEXSAR will request information from the requesting agency.

The information needed includes type of incident, mission needs (assets and personnel required), location of staging area, and point of contact.

  1. TEXSAR works directly with the requesting agency.

Together, we will establish TEXSAR’s response plan and mission role.

  1. TEXSAR deploys.

TEXSAR operates in accordance with NIMS (National Incident Management System)  and reports directly to the requesting agency’s Incident Commander.

Assets and Capabilities Available for Missing Person Event:

K9 Team: Air Scent, Trailing, Land & Water Human Remains Detection
Mounted Search and Rescue Team
Dive Team
Incident Command
Medic Team
GIS/Mapping Technology
Low and High Angle Rescue
UAV and Helicopter

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