TEXSAR returns to Austin after deployment to Louisiana

Monday, September 3, 2012 — TEXSAR team members Greg Pyles, Shawn Hohnstreiter, Will Boettner, Chance Berry, Andy Anthony, Melissa Frederick, and Connor Byer returned home to Austin, Texas after their most recent deployment lasting 5 days.

TEXSAR Team members left August 30th and worked thru September 2nd, working directly with residents that were affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana. Team members worked in Slidell, St. Bernard Parish, and Braithwaite.

During one of several missions, the team helped Dr. Christy Graves, a local doctor who was unable to leave her home due to a tree blocking the path to her home. On Friday, August 31st, TEXSAR members waded through waist deep water in order to help her.

Using chainsaws, teams chopped up the tree and hauled it away, allowing the physician access to her home and to assess the damage done by the storm.

“These people are magnificent,” Graves said a day later. “They showed up from nowhere … on their own time … to help people who didn’t know where to turn for services. It was manna from heaven.”

Be sure to come to our next meeting to hear more about the deployment.

Photos of the deployment can be found on TEXSAR’s Facebook Page.