Missing Child in Killeen, TX

Beginning at 4:20 am Wednesday May 16, 2012 our team began preparing to assist the Killeen Police Department (KPD) with a search for a missing 8 yr old boy.  The team and our friends responded quickly.  Team member Matt Boettner lives in Killeen and was at the KPD Headquarters before 8 am discussing the case with the lead detective.

Our Operations and Planning units began running lost person behavior and likely find area identification based on the information we had. The Logistics unit began planning for required equipment and supplies to support the team. Our friends and colleagues in law enforcement reached out to contacts with the KPD to let them know what our capabilities are and our availability.  By 7 :30 am we were well prepared to roll and deliver value added
resource when we hit the ground in Killeen. Just as we were activating the entire team the young boy was found unharmed!

This is exactly the way it should work to put TEXSAR resources on the case early enough to increase the odds for a live and unharmed find, as opposed to the “normal” way things go. As you all know when a day has gone by before we get the call the odds decrease dramatically.  I want to thank all of you for your valuable time and assistance on this event.  This exercise proves, once again, that TEXSAR is well prepared and is able to respond effectively.