TEXSAR Takes Part in Training “Play Day” With RTI

On Saturday morning, May 19th, TEXSAR team members headed to New Braunfels to participate in a training “play day” with Wesley Meyers of Rescue Training International (RTI).  The morning started at a heavily canopied canyon preserve where TEXSAR members, along with members from TMAR and first responders from across Texas, were provided with an overview of Land Search and Rescue Concepts and Lost Person Behavior Patterns.  Participants then practiced and refined their line search and echo location skills.  Next was basic rappelling that offered enough time for beginners to become comfortable with the seat harness and with locking off and then releasing the rope from the rappel device to ascend.  Others, including a few beginners, had fun with inverted rappel techniques. It was then off to the Guadalupe River for demonstrations and practical exercises with throw bags, survival swim, low water crossing and self defense techniques.