Landing Zone and Helicopter Safety Class

TEXSAR responds to a multitude of incidents. As an all-volunteer organization, we focus on response to missing persons, rescue situations and a lot of other things that fall in between. Based primarily out of the Central Texas area, TEXSAR is a state-wide asset.

When a serious incident happens, the clock starts ticking at the moment the missing person, or rescue event occurs, not when first responders arrive to help. By the time TEXSAR is typically requested, time has passed and it becomes critical that resources are able to immediately begin searching for the missing person. When seconds count most, a helicopter resource can drastically cut down any search time.

Over the course of two days and five hours total, TEXSAR member and helicopter pilot Jeff Turk instructed members about Landing Zone and Helicopter Safety. Team members participated in scenarios based on real life situations that were directed at ensuring teams participated in safe handling of events.

Team members that successfully completed the training are now able to safely assist with a helicopter when it is utilized during search and rescue incidents.

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