Antonio Perea Search

On the evening of Sunday, July 13, 2014, several TEXSAR members were deployed to assist the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Travis County Search and Rescue, and Alamo Area Search and Rescue in the search for Antonio Perea.  Mr. Perea left his residence in southeast Travis County early in the morning that Sunday. Due to high temperatures and his known medical issues multiple search assets were enlisted to help in the effort. These assets included search personnel, search management personnel, K9’s, and air search assets.

After a full day and night of actively searching and after exhausting several SAR assets, on the afternoon of Monday, July 14, Travis County Sheriff’s Office requested that TEXSAR conduct a final aerial search of the area. After a brief search via TEXSAR helicopter, Mr. Perea was located in a corn field approximately half a mile west of his home. With no other assets available, the TEXSAR helicopter landed at the scene and the flight crew attempted to render aid to Mr. Perea, secure the scene, and relay Mr. Perea’s location to fire, EMS, and law enforcement. Unfortunately, once on the ground, the flight crew determined that Mr. Perea was deceased. TEXSAR personnel remained at the scene until it was secured by Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

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