TEXSAR 2016 Annual Report

Austin, Texas – We are proud to release our Annual Report for 2016.

2016 turned out to be a busy year with 48 missions from the Gulf Coast to far West Texas. TEXSAR member-volunteers who were on scene to assist will forever remember incidents like the Caldwell County Hot Air Balloon Disaster and the search for ZuZu Verk.

We pride ourselves on being in a constant state of readiness. We are geared up and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, trained in many disciplines of Search and Rescue.

We are Texans Helping Texans.

A conservative estimate of volunteer hours contributed by TEXSAR member volunteers during 2016 is 27,737. If we multiply that figure by the value of a volunteer hour according to the State of Texas, TEXSAR donated almost $700,000 in service to the citizens of Texas. Of this, we are proud! In addition to their time, members paid for their training, equipment, and deployment expenses. All totaled, we estimate TEXSAR members’ donations totaled $832,976 worth of time and equipment dedicated to helping Texans.

You can access the report at: Annual Report

For more information, contact Karen Knox, Executive Director at karen.knox@texsar.org.