TEXSAR Release Free Drone Image Analysis Tool

The Next Generation of ADIAT

We are excited to announce that a new version of the Automated Drone Image Analysis Tool (ADIAT) is now available for public use. Originally released in 2019, ADIAT is an open source platform and set of computer vision algorithms that can be used to identify areas of interest in images from UAVs. This latest release includes a revamped user interface, significant performance improvements, a new detection algorithm, and advanced features to enhance the analysis process.  You can download the latest version and read more about the ADIAT on the TEXSAR website.

As an open source project, not only is ADIAT free to use, the source code is readily available in GitHub allowing others in the SAR and computer vision communities to contribute to the project. ADIAT was designed by a TEXSAR volunteer and has been utilized in many cases to date. For more information on how ADIAT works and how to integrate into your systems visit the link below. Any questions about ADIAT, contact info@texsar.org

ADIAT Link: https://www.texsar.org/automated-drone-image-analysis-tool/