TEXSAR Releases 2015 Annual Report

Annual Report 2015

2015 was a milestone for Texas Search and Rescue. We are pleased to announce the publication of our first annual report, which you may view by following this link to ISSUU, or this link to SlideShare.

A conservative estimate of volunteer hours contributed by TEXSAR member volunteers during 2015 is 20,850. If we multiply that figure by the value of a volunteer hour according to the State of Texas, TEXSAR donated more than half a million dollars in service to the citizens of Texas. Of this we are proud!

In the report, you will also learn that TEXSAR added several new volunteers last year, and its team training meetings were diverse and overflowing with prospective members. TEXSAR is grateful to have received donations from many new contributors, including a generous gift from one of our favorite entertainers and entrepreneurs, Mr. Jimmy Buffett. Our organization’s balance sheet is strong.

The Memorial Day 2015 Floods were devastating events during which TEXSAR was heavily deployed in support of local, state and federal law enforcement. In this report, you will learn about the success of TEXSAR’s search and rescue efforts during those events, and during other critical deployments across Texas.

For more information, contact Karen Knox, Executive Director at karen.knox@texsar.org.

TEXSAR Annual Report 2015 (ISSUU)
TEXSAR Annual Report 2015 (SlideShare)